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Developing resilient and successful students.




Life trips us all up now and then. Learn how to make any obstacle a stepping stone to success!
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Amanda’s Story

It all began watching helplessly as my life fell apart on the evening news. Allow me to explain. Fresh out of college at the oh-so-wise age of 23, a business partner and I started what would quickly become an international, multi-million dollar business. By my mid-20’s, I had already accomplished my 2 biggest goals in life…

    1. Make LOTS of $$$$
  • Be the BOSS

I had accomplished everything that everyone around me told me was success, but all the money and “success” didn’t make me happy. For years, I struggled with the idea of success and wanting even more in the hopes that more success = happiness. It wasn’t until a sensationalized world-wide scandal took down my sports tour business and brought the world’s news media and the US Secret Service to my door that I was able to truly define success on my own terms and in my own way. Of course (as someone who had never even had a speeding ticket) facing possible jail time does have a tendency to put things into perspective pretty quickly! From telling my story on college campuses to jam-packed auditoriums of state student organization conventions and everywhere in between, I’ve been on a mission to help students understand that success is defined by one person…YOU!    

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