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Atlanta Youth Motivational Speaker

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Meet Atlanta Youth Motivational Speaker, Amanda

Are you a student or a faculty member at a school in the metro Atlanta area? Are you looking to bring a breathe of fresh air to your campus? Well, no need to look any further than your local area!

Atlanta Youth Motivational Speaker

Atlanta youth motivational speaker, Amanda Hammett is the one for you. Amanda brings a vibrancy to your school that cannot be matched. She teaches the students about overcoming obstacles through the telling of her own story of success and multi-million dollar failure and every painful detail in between.

Don’t worry about having to pay additional travel expenses for an out-of-town youth motivational speakers. Amanda is Atlanta-based and can easily make the quick drive to your campus.

Being local to the Atlanta area gives Amanda an insight to your students that not every youth motivational speaker can bring. Amanda might not be a native to Atlanta, but she moved here to go to college and never looked back. Atlanta is where she started a business and ultimately sought refuge when her world crashed down around her.

Atlanta and all of Georgia has been kind to Amanda throughout her life here. She now feels like it is her duty to motivate Atlanta’s (and all of Georgia’s) students through the sharing of her own success and failures. As Marcus Johnson of Atlanta puts it, “Amanda is like a vibrant orange in a sea of grey”. Her role as a youth motivational speaker allows her access to students in a way that faculty and staff cannot match.

We look forward to working with you and your school to bring Amanda to your campus. She can help your students change their outlook on the obstacles they will face throughout their years in school and the rest of their lives!!

If you are looking to hire an Atlanta Youth Motivational Speaker for your campus, contact us today!