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This is our last week of 4 weeks talking about dating. (Whew…I’m tired!) I can’t tell you how many hilarious (and sometimes sad) stories I have gotten about dating since we kicked this series off a month ago. As promised, this week’s dating rules will see the guys in the hot seat with Dating Rules for Teenage Guys. Just like last week for the ladies, I have 3 dating rules for you. But lucky for you guys…I even threw in a BONUS and this one will definitely be a winner with your date. (Hey, don’t say I never gave you anything!)


We actually covered this last week with the ladies as well…but I have heard this so many times and I can’t freaking believe it. You need to pick your date up at the door…and don’t be afraid to meet her family. Last week I told you about someone whose date texted from her driveway. Unfortunately, that isn’t my only story…someone else recently told me that their date honked from the driveway…wow…just WOW! FYI…that would NEVER fly with me. You would be waiting in the driveway all freaking night…

Rule #2 HUSH IT!

Don’t spend the whole date talking about yourself. Ask questions about your date. And even more than that…actually listen to your date’s answers. You might find out that your date has some really cool hobby that you never knew about. And you might even find yourself thinking that your date is even more AWESOME than you thought. SCORE!!


This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I know I am from the South, but this about showing your date that you have respect for them So, open doors for your date. Look her in the eyes when you talk to her. Offer her your coat if she’s cold. And at least on the 1st date…you should pay…even if she was the one who asked you out.
This is all about respect. I’m not saying that your date isn’t capable of opening her own doors, but it is just a nice way to be polite and show your date some respect.

And a BONUS for my guys this week…

Always have a plan for your date…before you pick your date up. Don’t just pick her up and ask what she wants to do and hope she has a good idea. Remember…dates should be relaxed and some sort of fun activity…not just dinner and movie!

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