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Faceplant—The Book

Amanda didn’t always want to be a motivational speaker. No, actually being a motivational speaker was the last thing on her mind. It wasn’t until her life fell apart in front of the entire world and she started to put the pieces back together that she realized she had a gift. This gift had long been described by others as a “maturity issue”, but in reality it makes her the perfect youth motivational speaker.

She’s like the big sister or cool aunt that many students never had. Amanda tells it like it is…for better or for worse. And that is exactly what she does in her book, Faceplant: Lessons For When Life Trips You Up.

This book answers a lot of the often-asked questions Amanda gets after her speeches in high schools and colleges across North America. But beyond that, this book gives students a fool-proof 4-step plan to overcome any obstacle or failure life brings their way! Whether your students are “passing with flying colors” or “just getting by”, Amanda’s story is relatable to everyone.