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Finding New Friends

Are you starting the new school year and realizing that it is time to make some new friends? Did you hang out with the wrong crowd last year and spent the entire year fighting with your parents over your friends? Making new friends is sometimes easier said than actually done. But that is EXACTLY what we are going to try to do this week.

Our today Q&A comes from Lindsay in Washington and is all about how to find new friends and getting back on the right path with your grades…and your parents!

Check out my advice this week where I give Lindsay some specific places to find new friends AND I even give her some stellar advice on getting her grades back up. (Yeah, I’m dorky like that!)

Alright, so now I have given Lindsay the 2 biggest things that she needs to do in order to A) make new friends and B) bring her grades up this year. But I know there are tons of other ideas you have for Lindsay. So, in the comments below I want you to give us 1 idea of a how to make new friends at your school OR 1 cool study trick so that Lindsay can bring her grades up this year.

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