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Good Morning! I am writing to you from Iowa today. I’ll actually only be here for a couple more hours before I catch my flight home, but it has been a fantastic and memorable trip for sure. I got to meet lots of really awesome students over the past couple of days. But let’s go ahead and get right into today’s question….we’ll be talking about a MAJOR First Date No No!

Ok…to be fair, today’s question isn’t a question, it is an observation that came out of a dinner I recently had with my BFF. We sat at a table right next to a couple on a first date and it was SOOOO uncomfortable…for us…to watch. This couple never even spoke to each other. If I had not heard them talking to our waitress, I would have assumed that they were mute. So, apparently they could speak…apparently just not to each other! It was like watching a train wreck and my friend and I just couldn’t stop staring!!! It was awful! All they did was play with their cell phones the ENTIRE time! AAGHHH!!!!

Now, I don’t make it a habit to stalk people into the restroom, but out of pure nosiness I just had to know, “What was the deal?”, so I found her in the bathroom and asked her. Polite?…probably not. But as a slightly older woman, I felt I owed her some tips on how to have a great first date. Because from what I was seeing, it wasn’t going so well thus far. And from what she told me…she actually thought he was really cute (yes, he was) and she liked him, but was super nervous (obviously so was he!)

The #1 thing I told her was to put down her cell phone. There is no reason why you should be staring at the light up screen of your cell phone instead of having a good time and talking to your actual date. Because let’s be honest…you could be staring at your cell phone at home and I know you put a whole lot of effort into getting ready for this date!!!

Next week, I am going to put together a list of easy first date ideas that won’t put so much pressure on conversation over a dinner table. See you then!!