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After the trainwreck of a 1st date I told you about last week, where the couple sat at the table next to my best friend and I and NEVER spoke to each other only texted, I promised some fun 1st date ideas that would help ease you into the date without feeling all the pressure of sitting across the table from each other with anxiety coursing through your body because you have absolutely nothing to say.

In this week’s video, I share with you the Top 5 fun first date ideas that I got from some of my peeps on twitter. But don’t worry…I got lots of fun date ideas that I’ll be sharing AFTER the video!

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a fun first date. So with that in mind, I tried to keep these date ideas pretty inexpensive. After all…you want to have some money left over for your next date, right?

Even more fun first date ideas…
1) Bowling…even when you are bad at bowling…it’s still fun!
2) Concert…a lot of towns have concerts in the parks especially in the spring and summer. Of course, if your favorite musician is in town that would be even better.
3) Ice Skating…this can be lots of fun. (Hopefully nobody gets hurt to badly!) And then you can thaw out with hot chocolate
4) Museum or Art Show…even if you aren’t into art or the pieces being shown the art itself gives you and your date plenty to chat about.
5) Go to an Arcade…you can challenge your date to beat you at your favorite video game or air hockey or even skee-ball.
6) Go-Karts…sooo much fun!
7) The Zoo…always a fun place to go, 1st date or not.
8) 50/50 date…this one sounds awesome. One person plans the first half of your date and the other person plans the second half of the date.
9) The Driving Range…you can hit a bucket of golf balls together.
10) Visit the Carnival or Fair….ride your favorite rides and grab a corn dog.

Remember…the key is to pick something relaxed that will be the focus of your date…not just sitting across the table from each other…that way conversation will come naturally. And you are far more likely to have a 2nd date when the 1st one is easy and lots of fun!!