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It’s College Application Season! YAY!!! Nothing brings about as much stress in your high school career as balancing applying to college (and figuring where you want actually attend) along with everything else you have going on your senior year of high school. I mean this is a pretty big decision. I take that back…this is a pretty freakin’ HUGE DECISION!! Well, I have heard your complaints (y’all complain a lot via email) and I have a solution! Today I am going to show you how to pick the RIGHT COLLEGE FOR YOU! Now, it will be different for everyone, but if you follow along with my helpful tips on how to pick the right college for you, I will have you singing your college fight song in no time!!

Like I said this is a personal choice for EVERYONE. There is NO FORMULA…no easy way out…you gotta dig in and get the facts! Ultimately, your goal is to have the most awesome college experience you can because you want that college experience to prepare you for the life you are meant to lead. And guess what…that awesome life starts with figuring out the right college for you!

And for the record…those of you that have asked about the outtakes…yes, they are pretty much me in real life. The hard part for me sometimes is acting like the adult that I am supposed to be!!