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Yep…it is definitely college application time! The anxiety over how to pick the RIGHT college major has set in!

I just got back from the Arizona Association of Student Councils State Convention (s/o to #allin2014 and #allinAASC!) and was asked about this very thing…(a few times) by some anxious high school seniors.

So, how do you pick the RIGHT college major? Are there some tricks out there? Somethings you need to know…like now?? And what about if you are already in college and you are in the “undecided” camp…how do you figure out which major to declare? Well…no worries mis amigos…I called in some experts to help us figure this all out. Can’t wait for you to see what I learned….


Who knew that you needed a conclusion and NOT a hypothesis when applying to college? I sure didn’t! But I do have to say, I hear all the time that students are worried about applying to college as an “undecided” because they think it will hurt their chances of getting into the school of their dreams. But as my friend, the college admissions expert told me, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. And that in fact, if you aren’t absolutely sure of what you want, that applying as an “undecided” is really your best bet.

But really…isn’t that kind of the point of college? To figure things out? The person that I was when I graduated from college was incredibly different than the person who started college 4 years before.

Bottom line…going to college is super important. But finding a major that is RIGHT for you can make getting to graduation so much easier!!

Tell me…what is your college major? And why? Or if you are “undecided”, what are you doing to figure out what your major is going to be?

**In case you were wondering…all of us at AASC had a fabulous time at Sabino High School in Tucson, AZ!

It’s about to get crazy!!