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Have you ever been the new kid in school? If you have, you know from experience that it sucks being the new kid in school and that is exactly what we are going to talk about in this week’s video.

I got a really sweet letter from a dad named Darrell in Texas. He is concerned about his daughter because the whole family recently had to move to another state and Darrell’s daughter is having a hard time adjusting to the move.

The thing is that I know EXACTLY how Darrell’s daughter feels. I am an army brat and literally went to 9 DIFFERENT schools all before I started high school. WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?! Anyway, as hard as always being the new kid in school was, it also made me really good at making friends and adapting to any situation.

Watch this week’s video where I give Darrell some honest (and possibly hard to take) advice for handling this situation with his daughter. Will his daughter love me after watching this week’s video…maybe not. But that’s the thing…I tell the way I see and fortunately for Darrell’s daughter, I have been in her shoes a time or two before!

And for everybody watching this week that has never been in this situation, the next time someone new comes to your school…why don’t you invite them to sit with you and your friends at lunch? Or maybe just be nice and talk to them during class. I’m not asking you to be the new kid’s new BFF, but just treat them how you would want someone else to treat you if you had to start all over again in a new school in a completely different place!

So, what did you think about this week’s video? Have you been the new kid in school before? How did you cope? Share with us in the comments below.