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Meet Amanda

Amandasbanner1BAmanda brings with her a vibrancy that is hard to match. Using her own brand of humor and unusual sense of competitiveness, Amanda is able to challenge your students on their ideas of overcoming obstacles and how to fail…forward. She does this by sharing her own personal story that leaves students stunned and rethinking what it actually means to be successful.

Lessons Learned

Amanda was always a student with her life clearly mapped out ahead of her. She learned quickly, however, that life will throw a few bumps in the road. After graduating from college, Amanda and a partner started what would quickly become a very successful international business. With all of that success came the drive and the hunger to make even more money. That drive and hunger eventually led to her to hate the life she was living, but fear kept her exactly where she didn’t want to be. It wasn’t until Amanda and her company were faced with an international scandal and possible jail time that she was able to face her fears and truly find her strength.

National Youth Motivational Speaker

After speaking to students from all across the country, Amanda is quickly gaining the reputation of being a leading youth motivational speaker. She utilizes her transparent and humorous approach to challenge the students’ ideas of failure and success. What it took for Amanda to understand the difference between failure and success wasn’t an easy lesson to learn, but one that has forever changed Amanda and her outlook on life.