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This week we are talking all about how to handle it when your boyfriend is in college and you are still in high school. I know it can be a total bummer and highly likely that you will miss your man, but I’m gonna tell you how to make the best of the situation with a minimum of pouting and feeling sorry for yourself. (We ain’t got time for that!)

Going off to college is a big deal and lots of fun, but so is your senior year of high school. So whatever the situation you find yourself in, make the best of it. Use some of that extra time you ordinarily would have dedicated to your boyfriend and hang out wit your friends! They are going to miss you next year when you all go off to college…wherever that might be.

And don’t forget to pay special attention to my last point! Even if it is painful now…you’ll thank me for it later! (No gifts needed…although I do enjoy a nice latte from time to time!)

So, maybe you have been in this exact situation that Bethany finds herself in. If so, give Bethany your best piece of advice in the comments below. Not only does Bethany want to hear from you, but the rest of us do too!!My Boyfriend is in College and I am still in HS