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Have you ever had a crush on someone? And after weeks (or months) of feeling that all too familiar feeling you finally work up the courage to tell your crush that you want more from your relationship with them…you want to be…(gasp!) more than friends. And do you also know what it feels like to have your crush annihilate your feelings and completely shut you down? Yep, me too! And that is exactly why Bryson wrote me an email on how to handle this very situation. You see, Bryson was really crushing on a girl in his group of friends. The only problem is…she’s put him in the dreaded “Friend Zone”!

Watch and find out what kind of advice Amanda gives to Bryson to help ease his embarrassment and to keep him from having to find a whole new group of friends!!

Poor Bryson! He literally wanted to die from his embarrassment, but luckily that won’t be necessary. I know that I have had crushes on people that had absolutely ZERO interest in me. And even worse, I have been “FRIEND ZONED” myself. Its definitely not what you were hoping for, but trust me when I tell you….EVERYTHING WORKS OUT FOR A REASON!!

I know I am not the only person brave enough to admit to being shot down. Tell us about when you have been shot down by your crush in the comments below? Maybe you even have some stellar advice for Bryson as he heals from his broken heart!