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“…they are always on the edge of their seat with whatever story, whatever situation that she describes. AWESOME JOB!! I would not hesitate to have her. I would love to have her come to my school. I can think of no one that would do a better job!!”

—Teresa Smith, FBLA Advisor

“…Amanda teaches students that it is o.k. to try, try and try again…”

—Dr. Ashley B. Hosey, Principal, South Cobb H.S.

“Amanda is someone of a lot of grace and humility.  It is so brave of her to speak to us as  youth about the trials and tribulations of her life.  As a college student I took away from her that adversity is a part of life and it can be a blessing.”

–Onyeka Aniemeka, Kennesaw State University

“Amanda does a great job! … from the first minute she comes in, she is LOUD! She is VIBRANT! They are awake the entire time! And when she leaves, they are wondering about some of the things she talked about. They look forward to having her back!!”

—Nick Johnson

“Amanda provides information that is needed by ALL students!”

—Cherie Brock, FCCLA Advisor

“Amanda is very motivated. She is very encouraging to the students. She keeps them entertained, but gives them something to think about.”

—Lisa Hutchins

Amanda is the only motivational speaker that I have ever seen that was REAL…not some fake stage persona. What’s not to love about that? She made me realize that the stuff I think is the end of the world really isn’t. There are more amazing things to come!!

Blake Dylan, Alabama Student Council Association

Johnelle Simpson Review When a school hires Amanda, not only are they hiring a fantastic speaker, but they are hiring a speaker that is real, genuine, vulnerable, and dedicated to the success of others. She will not only talk about dealing with difficult things in life, but she will encourage students to get up, dust themselves off, and move on. Amanda will not only have students listen to her, but she will have them walk away with a different attitude and approach to life’s difficult challenges. Amanda has a way of getting into the minds of students that will leave them thinking about her long after she is gone.

Johnelle Simpson, SGA President University of Georgia

Amanda’s story is so real and it made me think about my future. She is an inspiration to me because she is FEARLESS! I hope that I can be just like her when I’m older and not be afraid to move on from my mistakes and make the best of my situation regardless. Amanda is the most dauntless person I have ever met. THANK YOU!

Sara Knighton, GA HOBY Ambassador

“I would hire Amanda because she is an AMAZING speaker. She is very motivating to the students and outgoing. She gets the students involved in her speech and leaves them thinking about things completely differently.”

Jennifer Turner, FBLA Advisor

“Have you ever sat through a speaker that was really boring? Well, Amanda is definitely NOT boring! She is funny and real, but she gets down to the nitty-gritty real-life stuff that these kids need to hear. Our students talked about her constantly for about a week after hearing her speak. They even made the media specialist order a copy of her book for the school library. I can’t think of another time in my entire education career where the students demanded to get a specific book in the library.”

Marcus Black, Administrator, Westside H.S.

“From the moment she walks on stage until the moment she walks off the stage, she has your full and complete attention. She is loud and she has energy.”

Tyler Reed, High School Senior

“Amanda is not like any one you will ever meet. Her story is funny at times and so unbelievably crazy at others that you just sit there and stare at her with your mouth hanging open. Her strength to get through what she went through and then to get up on a stage and tell thousands of people about her life falling apart…you don’t see that kind of strength very often. It is remarkable to see. I can only hope that when I am facing some obstacle in my life that I can face it with the sheer determination that Amanda has.”

Evan Clark, Indiana University

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