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Sample Funding Letter

Here’s a sample funding letter that you can copy and use in order to find sponsors to pay for the cost of having Amanda speak at your school. Please feel free to edit anyway you like. This is simply a gift to make it easier for you to find funding. It’s probably best for you to copy the text and paste into your own school letterhead, and of course fill in the specific details.


Dear Company CEO/President _________,

We are writing to you today from ___________High School/College/University. We have an exciting opportunity for our students. Motivational speaker, Amanda Hammett, is coming to our campus to speak to our students on (DATE) about something you never hear motivational speakers speak about…failure!

This is where you come in. Amanda’s fee is $2000 to speak at an assembly. We are asking you as a valued member of our community to help us obtain this fundraising goal by making a donation. The level of your donation is up to you. Amanda has agreed to meet with all of our sponsors during her visit.

After starting a successful business in her early 20’s, Amanda became obsessed with making money. It wasn’t until someone stole millions from her business and made it look like she stole the money did Amanda face her first major failure in life. In addition to this failure, Amanda was now dealing with international headlines, lawsuits AND the US Secret Service. Proving her innocence was just the beginning. Amanda learned a lot about herself by going through this massive failure, but the biggest lesson she learned was about starting over and re-inventing herself.

We sincerely hope that by bringing Amanda to speak to our students that she can teach them through her experiences about the importance of failure and the role that it plays in future success. Amanda has had the opportunity to speak to thousands of students. You can learn more about her and even see videos of her speaking to other students on her website at www.AmandaSpeaks.com.