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School Speaker

The statistics revealing the amount of students in America that are dropping out of high school each year is alarming.  Recent studies have shown that a student drops out of high school every 26 seconds and only 72 percent of students actually graduate from high school.  This rate is even lower in certain areas of the country that have larger populations of minorities.  These children grow up with poor chances at living a successful life and they desperately need encouragement and inspiration to stay on the right path toward achieving their goals.  School speakers are a great way to help students realize their potential and set them on the right path to making their dreams reality.  Many of the students that drop out say that they did not have the motivation or inspiration to work hard and more schools are realizing that hiring guest speakers for schools can help inspire learning so that students can reach their full potential.

School speakers can be used for any age group, but high school speakers are particularly beneficial to schools because high school is the time when students are most likely to drop out.  Motivational youth speakers such as Amanda Hammett can help spur students into taking control of their lives and focus their energy into achieving their dreams.  High school can be a confusing time for students and it is important that they know that their future goals in life matter.  Having someone who is able to connect with students and foster engagement can allow students to feel more comfortable talking about their own experiences and struggles so that they can receive the proper guidance.  Choosing the right inspirational speakers for schools can help establish this connection and create an environment where students feel safe to share their dreams and aspirations in life.

Students are in need of motivation and guidance from people that they can connect with and relate to.  By enlisting a guest speaker for schools, students can learn about subjects that are not regularly touched upon in the classroom.  Issues such as bullying, internet safety, study habits, and future careers can and should be discussed at some point in schools today.  A school speaker can tackle these difficult topics in a way that students can relate to and inspire them to take action.  Working with a small budget can be difficult for some schools, but consider the amount of money lost when students drop out of high school.  On average, drop-outs make $200,000 less than high school graduates over their lifetime and usually require assistance of some kind to get by.  In the United States, high school drop-outs are responsible for roughly 75 percent of crimes.  With so much at stake, schools cannot afford to continue allowing these students to fall through the cracks and get left behind.  Hiring a motivational school speaker is a great way to reach out to these students and help motivate them to reach their full potential.