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Inspirational Speaker

Have you ever seen a truly inspiring speaker? I mean someone who when they finish their speech, you are actually speechless?

I can say without a doubt that I have. My name is Tyler Reed. I saw Amanda Hammett speak recently at a national conference. She was amazing! Honestly, my friends and I went to see her because we had to. But within just a few minutes, we were hooked. She is an inspirational speaker!

From the moment she walks on stage until the moment she walks off the stage, she has your full and complete attention. She is loud and she has energy. She has this sweet southern charm that until her (and maybe Emily on the Bachelorette), I have never seen or experienced before. The moment she walked off the stage, my friends and I sat there in stunned silence. We literally had our mouths hanging open. We just couldn’t believe what we had heard.

Amanda’s story is something straight out of a movie except that it was actually her life!! If Amanda can fight through that AND be a happier, better person afterwards then anything I am dealing with isn’t as big of a deal as I thought it was. (Talk about inspirational!)

Ordinarily, I would never write a letter to a speaker. But Amanda’s message was just that inspiring! I walked out of that speech re-thinking so much about my life. I even made the decision after seeing Amanda speak that I would begin to look at things that have happened in my life not as “terrible things”, but as a chance to learn from them so that I can be better. Amanda is truly inspiring!

I would love to have Amanda come and speak in my high school. I think every student should hear what Amanda has to say. Amanda is an inspirational speaker!


Tyler Reed

P.S. My girlfriend makes me watch the Bachelorette.