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Teen Speaker

Being a teenager is arguably more difficult than ever before, now that their every embarrassing moment can be captured on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  In addition to this, they also face issues that have become more complicated today than they were in the past, such as mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

To help combat these problems, many schools look to motivational speakers for teens to specifically address these issues.  The sad fact is that 95 percent of teenagers have felt inferior at some point in their lives, with the main reasons for this being appearance, ability in some activity, and their intelligence.  45.5 percent of teens say that they have low self-esteem.  If nearly half of teens today have a poor self-esteem, that is almost half of teens that have a high risk of teenage pregnancy, depression, use of drugs, and other serious problems as a result.  Speakers for teens will specifically address these problems to help teenagers today avoid these pitfalls in life.

Parents, teachers, and older siblings can all try and connect with teens today, but sometimes, it just isn’t enough.  There is no shame in needing a professional to bridge the divide between adult and teenager.   Even the best parents can struggle with their teenage children and feel as though their messages never break through to their teens.  Sneaking out at night to partake in risky behaviors is not what any parents want their teenager to be doing, but it is common for teens to feel lost at this time in their lives and purposely seek out these risks.  Speakers for teens are well aware of what teenagers do and have experience dealing with the toughest of audiences.  By captivating the crowd and inspiring teens to get thinking about their futures, they are able to steer teenagers away from these risky behaviors and move more gracefully into adulthood.

In order to make this happen, teenagers need to trust the teen speaker in order to more fully connect with them, and motivational speakers for teens such as Amanda Hammett can establish this trust with students.  Amanda’s programs can bring a vibrancy to schools that can’t be matched anywhere else by her personal stories of rising to success after failure.  Overcoming adversity is a serious issue that teens face in today’s society, and Amanda is able to reach out to these students by sharing every painful detail of both her successes and failures.

Teenagers today are on the fast-track to becoming adults and it is our duty to prepare them for the future.  Hiring motivational speakers for teens can do what others cannot and help dissuade them from risky behaviors while inspiring them to reach for their life goals that they think are just not possible.  Just one talk can have a dramatic impact on a teenager’s life and it is up to you to give them the chance to hear it.