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So, I get all kinds of interesting questions and requests as I travel the country speaking to student organizations, but the one I am addressing this week left even me speechless. Let me explain….recently after a speech a student whom I am going to call R.J.* (name changed to protect his identity) asked if I would be willing to break up with his girlfriend for him. Wait…what? Did he just ask what I think he asked? As a matter of fact…yes, he did! My first reaction to R.J.* was to laugh because surely he can’t be serious, right? Unfortunately, I was wrong. My second thought was that I should call his girlfriend and tell her to “run…far, far away!” But in the end…I didn’t do that. But I did leave R.J.* with some advice. In this week’s video I am going to give R.J.* (and you) the Break Up Guide and how to NOT be a JERK!

Nobody likes breakups. In fact, they suck!! The hardest thing for me during breakups was to be completely honest without making up some lame lie. By keeping these few things in mind, we can move past breakups without making the other person hate you! Because you never know…you may just want to get back together with that person in the future and it would be really hard to get them back if she/he HATES you!!

(***P.S. If you are R.J.’s* now former girlfriend, I hope he manned up enough to tell you himself!)